Personal Sanctuary
A Winter Exhibition of Paintings by Nicholas Romeril

Preview Evening Friday 6th December 5pm to 8pm
Exhibition runs daily from Monday 9th to Friday 24th December 2019


For our next exhibition Private & Public Space will be showcasing the extraordinary paintings of Jersey’s own Nicholas Romeril who has spent the last year creating 28 works which depict, in exacting beauty and great detail, the extraordinary power of our coastal waters.
Sponsored by Quilter Cheviot this sensuous exhibition opens to the public for a preview evening and drinks reception on Friday 6th December from 5pm – 8pm and all are welcome to attend. The exhibition will then run weekdays from 10am to 6pm until 24th December or at any other time by appointment.

In describing his exhibition Nicholas Romeril says “I have a deep rooted physical and emotional connection to the sea and have spent the last year walking the coastline to record its natural beauty and the seasonal changes that affect it. I find the experience both relaxing and exhilarating in equal measure as it continually provides me with a means of freeing myself from the anxieties often associated with the pace of modern life”.

“For me the experience of being next to and in the sea is central to how these paintings have been created and I have become increasingly fascinated by the way our crystal clear coastal seas trap natural sunlight and create an enchanted luminosity in all depths of water. To be able to capture that raw feeling in my paintings gives me enormous pleasure and I sincerely hope that everybody who attends my exhibition will connect with these works and feel that same joy”.

Gallery Director Chris Clifford said “Having visited Nick’s studio many times over the last year it is clear that these new paintings transcend traditional forms of representation and have come to signify an emotional and spiritual cleansing. These are unquestionably his most powerful paintings to date and visitors to the gallery will not fail to be impressed by their sheer technical complexity and extraordinary beauty. Owning a painting by Nick Romeril is not only to enjoy a hugely immersive visual delight – it also provides a passport into a magical world of natural beauty that is impossible to otherwise imagine. Nicholas Romeril, Jersey’s greatest living painter, has beautifully captured our dreams and memories”.

In addition to Nicholas Romeril’s paintings the gallery will also be staging a smaller exhibition in the client spaces by the British artist Emily Croft-Baker who offers a versatile range of evocative and expressionistic work in oils, acrylics and pastels. Emily’s journey as an artist is dictated by continuous experimentation, imagination, emotional expression and intuition. Her work draws on life events as inspiration and she attributes her versatile work style to her own life-long self-teachings, along with her

Please contact Chris Clifford, Director, at or by phone on either +44 (0) 1534 859093 or +44 (0) 7797 714186